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Guruji showed His hand to her and she saw the figure of Shiv parivaar in his palm.

A lady named Rani, would not like to accompany her husband to Gurgaon on Bada Veervaar.

The husband insisted several times but she had no faith. Once it so happened that she herself opted and said to join him and so both of them reached Sthaan and stood in the long que as it is seen usually.

Guruji was blessing all, while walking towards the tail of the queue but just before her turn came, Guruji returned and she was left without blessings. So, she reached her home without the supreme award His blessings. Next Bada Veervaar came but again Guruji returned just before her turn came and again she went back without receiving His aashirwad. This happened continuously for fifteen times while Guruji’s act remained the same as on her first visit. She got annoyed and when the sixteenth Bada Veervaar came, she declared that it would be her last visit if Guruji didn’t bless her this time. But this time luck favoured her. Guruji did not return and blessed her. She prayed for his exclusive audience. Guruji said, “Not now, come after two days.– So after sixteen visits she got assurance to talk to Him.

The financial condition being below normal, she had no arrangement for expenses towards the bus fare. In the night she was firm to reach Guruji, but how ? She prayed before the picture of Guruji,  “Guruji, please make some arrangement of money so that I come to you, please Guruji I must come and have your darshan” and went to sleep.

A happening- unbelievable. When she woke up in the morning she saw a brand new note of 50 rupees on the shelf in her room. She jumped with joy being sure that the money was arranged by Guruji. She reached and stood in the que before Guruji’s room. On her turn she stood at the door but did not step in, Guruji saw her and called her in, but she didn’t step in, saying, “How can I come when there are so many  snakes throughout the walls of your room”. Guruji said that there was no snake at all and asked others if they witnessed any. All said that they did not see any snakes. But she was not convinced and kept standing there in fear. Then Mataji came with Dhoop in Her hand and pushed Her in forcibly. So this was her first chance in about one & a half years when she talked face to face with Guruji. She desired to see some miracle so as to be finally convinced. Guruji showed His hand to her and she saw the figure of Shiv parivaar in his palm. She insisted for some thing more. Then Guruji opened His hand again and she saw ‘Om’ in the middle of His palm. O’ my God ! Impossible to believe. What a privileged person is she and then she surrendered herself completely.

Time passed and Rani’s children grew up. She has been regular to visit Gurgaon and Neelkanth Dham. My factory manager happens to live in the same colony and by chance both of them met at Gurgaon Sthaan on the auspicious Bada Veervaar of Sept. 1, 2011. They decided to return to Delhi together in Rani’s car and the transit time was passed in discussion about Guru Kripa. Rani started her story and my manager went on listening with great interest. Next morning at office, my manager narrated about all what Rani had told her.

Next day early at 4 am, I got the command of Guruji to meet Rani. I called her through my manager and didn’t go to factory and met her at Punjabi Bagh Sthaan to listen from her the great kripa of the super master. What ever she said is mentioned here under :-

Rani says—

In the year 2003, I went to Din Dyal Hospital with a pain in my arm. The doctor gave me injection but the pain did not subside, rather it increased. This continued for over a month and the chemist suggested me that I should get an x-ray to find the real cause because there is swelling in the arm as well as it had become blue. The x-ray confirmed a needle in side the arm which had also started causing infection. The doctor gave his verdict that the arm shall have to be amputated. Rani and her children got scared hearing the news. Rani stood before Guruji’s picture and prayed, “Guruji, my arm must not be cut and it should be ok with the operation only.” The date and time was fixed and I was admitted in the hospital for surgery.

Finally I was lying on the operation table and the doctor gave injection in my arm to anesthetise it. It didn’t work and the doctor gave me the second injection which again proved ineffective. Now the third injection was given but surprisingly, that too didn’t effect. When three injections worth Rs. 5000/- each proved ineffective, the doctors announced postponement of surgery. I firmly told them to carry on their job and assured them that I shall bear the pain because my Guruji will come here and take care of me and won’t let the pain come. Though they couldn’t understand, still the team of surgeons agreed to operate without her arm being anesthetised.

Rani said to me: Do you know what happened?—Guruji appeared before me in white safari suit, stood on my head side held my hand with a firm grip while his left hand was on my head. He kept on looking at me while I was looking at Him–The doctors started the operation which continued for two & half hours. The doctors were busy in the operation and I was all the time seeing Him. —The operation was done successfully and I was telling all, see my Guruji is standing here. All people were spell bound to see Guruji there in the operation room. Neither my arm was cut nor I felt any pain during 2- 1/2 hours of operation. She showed me the wound on her arm  and said, “I do all the domestic work comfortably”.

 Gurudev Aap he Aap ho, Kripa ridhan


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  1. I have been very sick whole of last year,hence we unable to visit Kolkata asthaan but will do so soon. My pronams to Mataji and love and best wishes to all of you.

  2. guru ji ki kripa hum sab par hamesha bani rahe.