Moorti Roop at Gurgaon Mukhya Sthaan

Guruji’s Moorti Roop was “Sthaapit” at the Main Gurgaon Sthaan (Sector 10-A) in the year 2007. The Moorti Roop was crafted by the some of the best craftsmen in Jaipur. About 18 cars filled with devotees went to Jaipur to receive this novel Roop of Guruji… To request Him to come to Gurgaon and then welcome Him there. Pujniya Mataji held a Grand Havan and the “Pran Pratishtha” was done with Guruji’s and Mataji’s Blessings. (A video of the Havan and Pran Pratishtha can be seen in the videos section). Guruji is Omnipresent and His presence can be felt every where, but this Roop is special. Standing in front of His Moorti Roop, one can feel the Bliss, the Power and the Pull, the love and Kripa of Guruji. Click on the icon (below) to watch Guruji’s Moorti Sthaapna video.

Mataji, Guruji ki Ardhaangini hain, Shakti Swaroopa hain. Unke pavitra haathon se Guruji ke Moorti Roop ki ‘Pran Pratishtha’ hui. Yeh keval Moorti Roop nahin hai. Guruji swayam is Roop mein yahaan viraajte hain.

Since the day this ‘Moorti Roop’ was ‘Sthaapit’ here at Gurgaon Mukhya Sthaan, Sewa has been going on just as Guruji is physically present. Every day He wears a different look. His two different looks, clicked on two different days can be seen on this page.