Guruji of Gurgaon – Tum Hi Se

A tribute to Guruji. Some rare video clips from the time He adorned the Human Form

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  1. I love Guruji’s website and I want Guruji to come at my home.

  2. Kamal Sood says:

    I was attached with Guruji since July 1995 and visited first time at Guru Purnima Utsav at Gurgaon sthaan. I feel number of changes in my life after I got attached with the Sthaan. I want to be attached with my Guruji till my last breath.

  3. Guruji bless everyone who comes to Sthaan and pray before him.

  4. mukta says:

    My dear Guruji, Every day I remmember you very much. I felt peace in sthaan, which I never got anywhere else. At the sthaan I felt myself near God. Guruji plz mujhe apne pass jaldi jaldi bulaya karo.

  5. surender says:

    Mera apki kirpa se sab kam ho raha hao. kirpa ap bersa rahe ho mera naam ho raha hai

  6. This video bought tears to my eyes. Tears of such joy… the love I felt cannot be described.

    Just Thank you for this gift, from my heart & soul.

    Jai Gurudev…

  7. Sakshi says:

    Guruji plzz forgive us for ur sins and give us the strength to do good throughout our lives from hereon ….. Jai Gurudev