Some rare moments from the time span when Gurudev had adorned the Human Form. Click on the links below to read the individual events.

– (Contributed by Sh. RajPaul Sekhri – one of the prime shishyas of Gurudev)


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BELI RAM TAKHI, a Shishya of Guruji was so worried about the marriage of his elder daughter that he lost patience. His daughter complained to her uncle, Sitaramji and said that baoo ji is insulting her every day and acuses her for delay in her marriage. He also accuses her of not being beautiful and…

57. A sink factory in USA did not permit My visit in their factory- Guruji did it

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I was to visit Chicago to attend the trade exhibition. I thought of being privileged greatly if Guruji also agreed with me to tour USA. So I arranged two air tickets and the programme was fixed. On the day of flight, I reached Gurgaon and said, “Guruji lets start for the airport”. But I found…

58. Guruji in Haridwar with his Shishyas- limited chapattiies

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Once Guruji was at Haridwar along with a few Shishyas including MAMA of Jullundhar and Santosh of Nadaun. As the night fell, the chapatties were prepared for five people and all the ration was consumed. It was night time, therefore it was decided to arrange more atta in the morning only. Guruji was out and…

59. R. P. SHARMA A COLLEAGUE OF GURUJI Refused To Pay Guruji’s Tour Bills

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Not yet— hold on, PEOPLE DID NOT RECOGNISE GURUJI as Guruji in early days and He acted as a soil scientist, while working in the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India. He would attend the office, would go on survey tours to collect soil samples, mostly from the hills of Himachal Pradesh. He headed his…


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Niece of Pt. Ram Kumar Sharma at Pusa Institute Residence KRISHNA, a teenage niece of Pt. Ram Kumar Sharma suffered from convulsions & violent behaviour very frequently. The family was too much disturbed and would discuss with many people for solution to the problem. Some body suggested Pt. Ram Kumar to take the girl to…