Some rare video clips from the time Guruji had adorned the Human Form… and beyond. Re-live and Relish these moments. Click on individual links below to watch the related videos. Enjoy the Bliss.

A Tribute to Mataji

Mataji... The Shakti... The Power... The guiding force behind our Sthaans. She left Her physical form on Friday, the 2nd May 2014 leaving behind a void for hundreds of thousands of Guruji's followers that can't be fulfilled. Her mortal remains ...

The Golden voice of Guruji

A rare voice clip in which Guruji is imparting knowledge to His disciples. He speaks of many things in life but above all, it is Bliss just to listen to His Voice.

Maha ShivRatri – ‘Jyot’ lighting by Mataji at Sector 7 Sthaan

On the occassion of Maha Shivratri on 10th March 2013, Pujya Mataji lights the morning Jyot at Sector 7 (Pujya Guruji Niwaas Sthaan), before proceeding to the Sector 10 Sthaan for Sewa. The most important event of Maha ShivRatri (begins with ...

Bada Guruwaar – ‘Jyot’ lighting by Mataji at Sector 10 Sthaan

The morning of every Bada Guruwaar starts with the lighting of the 'Jyot' by Pujya Mataji. Thereafter the most important task of offering the Prasad of "Meethi Phulliyan" starts at the Sthaan. Once a month, on Bada Guruwaar, this Prasad ...

Mataji inaugurating the new look of the website and Blessing everyone

Originally launched on the Bada Guruwaar day in September 2001 (with Mataji's Blessings), this website ( was presented in its new look on 29th March 2012 (Bada Guruwaar day again). Mataji spent a lot of time to see the entire ...

Guruji giving Aashirwaad (1988) – video includes voice

This video clip is a rare find as it is WITH GURUJI'S VOICE. Turn up the speaker volume to enjoy the bliss of HIS Golden Voice.

Guruji’s Moorti Roop ‘Sthaapna’ at Mukhya Sthaan (Sec -10-A Gurgaon)

A big Havan was organized by Mataji when Guruji's Moorti Roop was 'Sthaapit' at Mukhya Sthaan, Gurgaon. Some precious moments are presented in the form of this video for everyone to see and re-live those moments. Mataji, Guruji ki Ardhaangini ...

Guruji of Gurgaon – Tum Hi Se

A tribute to Guruji. Some rare video clips from the time He adorned the Human Form

Guruji at Sthaan (1989) Part 2

Guruji starting the Sewa on Guru Pooja in the year 1989.

Guruji sits at Sthaan (1989) Part 1

A short video clip when Guruji comes and takes His place at the Sthaan just before Sewa begins... in the year 1989