A “Must – Read” before you proceed to view this site

Jai Gurudev. This is the way we, the devotees of Gurudev greet each other at the Guru-Sthaan. (The Guru-Sthaan is the Residence of Gurudev)

As a true Bhakt of Gurudev, I want to convey the following message to you before you start to view this site. PLEASE read it fully and carefully :

Gurudev was against any sort of a publicity because He told us that we CANNOT search for the Guru. Guru searches for His disciples on His own. Hence, we believe that a true Guru does not need any publicity. He will first look FOR His disciples and thereafter look AFTER them on His own.

This site is a purely Devotional and informative site for those who have firm belief in Gurudev and those who are sincerely interested to know about Him. It is OUR WAY of showing our affection towards Him. It is a TRIBUTE to the GREATNESS of our Gurudev. Any of you, who cannot appreciate this thought, PLEASE refrain from viewing this site. And those who sincerely appreciate this thought, please accept my “Namaskaar” and proceed for this truly wonderful experience of knowing our Gurudev.

A very important aspect of Gurudev’s Sthaan is that unlike many other religious places, over here, NOTHING IS ACCEPTED FROM ANY DEVOTEE IN ANY FORM. No-one is allowed to give any money or even the smallest of gift at the Sthaan. The entire expense of the “Seva” and “Langar” which is extended to thousands of people, is also borne by Gurudev Himself. Even the Boarding and Lodging of people who come from outside for “Darshan” is totally free of cost.

Gurudev’s strength of not taking anything from anybody can be understood by the fact that even the “Shishyas” of Gurudev who perform “Seva” are forbidden to eat at anybody’s House, leave alone accepting anything else. Even when they travel around, “A cup of Tea” is the only thing that can be offered to them.

The only charges that our Gurudev takes is “FAITH”. So, have Faith in him and you will be blessed by him.