Guruji’s Shishyas used to go for His darshan almost every day when He was in His physical form. Many times, they were Blessed with gracious times with Guruji, when He would talk about many things to guide His Shishyas. Sometimes they would just sit together and share some light moments with Him. In one of His lighter moods, Guruji had spoken a few lines which were immediately noted down by His shishyas present with Him at that time and those few lines are presented in the form of a Nazm (poem). This short poem has deep meanings about life and Guruji Himself.

It is presented here for you to read, learn and enjoy the Bliss.

Though it is impossible to comprehend in our own words, the entire meaning of what Guruji said, yet a feeble attempt is being made to translate these few lines in English for the benefit and at the request of many devotees:

Koi samjha nahin, ye mehfile duniya kya hai,
Khelta kaun hai, kis ka khilauna kya hai.

(The world is a huge gathering, which nobody has understood. Why we are here and what we have to do. Are we puppets? Who is the puppeteer? A lot of questions remain un-answered (which the seeker has to seek))

Baad marne ke hua, bojh sabhi ko maloom,
jald le jao, is dher mein rakha kya hai.

(We spend our lives thinking that the people around us, whom we love are the only truth in our lives. Many times we ignore the path of Bhakti (devotion), Sewa (Service) and Jaap (Meditation). It is not wrong to care for our loved ones, but to totally ignore the other aspect is also not correct. The burden becomes known as the soul leaves the body. The same loved ones no longer remain capable of holding the body any longer. They have no option but to take it away for its last rites. What remains then is the level of Bhakti, Sewa and Jaap attained during that life-span).

Do ghari royenge, ae baab tere gharwale,
phir hamesha ko bhula denge, tu samjha kya hai.

(We will be missed by our loved ones, no doubt. Some may remeber us for a few days, some for a few months. But, eventually we will be forgotten from their active memory as they get busy with their lives, only to remember us occasionally  The correct path to follow is to rise above and become self less so as to become a memory which no one can forget.)

Shauk ginane ka hai, to apne aemalon ko gin,
Teri ginti hi nahi, daulat ko tu ginta kya hai.

(The entire lives. some of us keep running after physical amenities and luxuries. Any thing that money can buy. We do forget that in the end, everything will remain here. We can’t take a penny with us as we leave this world. What can we take with us, is the question we must ask ourselves. It is futile to keep counting how much wealth we have accumulated as what ever we have today will be used by some one else tomorrow. We are not the owners of our physical possessions. We are the owners of our spiritual wealth. That travels with us. In this Universe, we ourselves are just a speck of dust and don’t have any counting, so what is the importance in counting of our physical possessions? Thus, if we do need to count, let us count our faults, our mistakes and rectify them so that we make ourselves a better person.)

Main wo shay hoon, jise chhoo loon usey sona kar doon,
Main to Paras hoon, Paras ko parakhta kya hai.

(All those who come to me seeking to fulfill their worldly goals… must understand that I am that Spiritual Super Power who can turn anything (anybody) into Gold (Spiritually uplifted)… The Shishyas of Guruji who have been created by Him from among the people are an example of His Midas touch.

I am the creator of personalities who can guide anybody into accomplishing his spiritual goals. It is futile to test me with worldly parameters, for I am the decision maker. I am the Paras – (the touchstone) who can test any metal and turn it into gold without changing shape or my properties, but no metal can test the Paras and retain its originality. If it tries, it will be converted from its original form). So, when I test you, I have a choice of making you pure as gold and take you further on your onward journey, but when you try to test me, I again have the choice of responding or not. Flow with me and live in Bliss).