Pujya Gurudev Niwaas Sthaan (Sector – 7, Gurgaon)

This is the main Gurgaon Sthaan. It is the place where Gurudev lived in His Human form and STILL lives in the Spiritual form. The building shown on the left houses the Sthaan and the one shown on the right is the place where “Langar” takes place everyday. Both the buildings are adjacent to each other.

No one is allowed to give anything at the Sthaan, whether it is money or gifts. Gurudev manages all events of the Sthaan on His own.

All main events such as “Guru Pooja” (“Guru Poornima”), “Shiv Ratri” and “Ganesh Chaturthi” used to be celebrated here till the year 2004. People from all over India and all over the world visit the Sthaan in Thousands on such events. Every month “Bada Guruvaar” also used to be celebrated here till the year 2004.

Since 2004 , these main events are celebrated at Mukhya Sthaan, Sector 10-A, Gurgaon.



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Gurgaon Niwaas Sthaan Map

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