Mukhya Sthaan (Sec 10-A, Gurgaon)

The Trust Building was made with the purpose of facilitating the stay of Gurudev’s followers who come from all over India and Abroad on occasions like “Guru Pooja” and “Shiv Ratri”. It is located in Sector 10A of Gurgaon and is a 10 minutes drive from Gurgaon Niwaas Sthaan of Guruji. All main events such as “Guru Pooja” (“Guru Poornima”), “Shiv Ratri” and “Ganesh Chaturthi” are celebrated here. People from all over India and all over the world visit the Sthaan in Thousands on such events. Every month “Bada Guruvaar” is also celebrated here. The area of the Trust spreads to almost 4 acres. A “Langar” carries on at the Trust everyday for these devotees. The Boarding, lodging and fooding to all devotees is free of cost.


Previously, all these people used to stay in the homes of Gurudev’s followers staying near the Sthaan and “Langar” was also served at the Sthaan. Later the building was made by Gurudev to benefit all these people. Hundreds of people from neighbouring states also, come here everyday during the period when “Langar” carries on. The “Sevadaars” anxiously wait for these days throughout the year, to be able to serve the “Langar”. There is a Sthaan within the premises of the Trust which provides Peace and Serenity to everybody. People sit there and meditate in the Calmness of the place.


The day to day affairs of the trust are managed by a managing committee chosen from Guruji’s Shishyas. This committee comprises of a Vice President, a General Secretary, a Joint Secretary and a treasurer. Pujya Mataji is the life time President of the Trust. Apart from rendering Spiritual Sewa, the trust is also involved in many social activities during the year. Below this image is the link to the video darshan of the Sthaan.

Below is a Video Darshan of the Sthaan at Sector 10-A. Click to Play Video:

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