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This occurrence explores the vastness and unlimited divine knowledge of Guruji. It is hard to experience such an example. It is obvious that every Guru imparts His knowledge to his disciples; the specimen of knowledge which Guruji gave me while in the moving car was never heard of earlier. That particular knowledge appeared to be shattering the existing knowledge reserves in a Shishya than that of giving a discourse. A little application of wits or intellect might raise a high wall between the giver and the taker. Therefore a complete pack up of wisdom was essential.

Once Guruji was seated and I was driving the car. There are crossings when you are supposed to stop on the red lights. Per chance I stopped the car and a beggar approached me and asked for some money. Just as I picked up a coin from the dashboard and raised my hand to give him, I heard Guruji saying,  “Rajje down your hand and drive forward.” I dropped the coin and simply looked towards Guruji and drove ahead.

After a while, I just enquired, “Guruji, how is it that you didn’t permit to give money to the beggar? Did I do some thing wrong ji ?”

Then Guruji said, “You were influenced by your ego while your Guru was with you physically. Did your Guru not notice the beggar? The pity which arose should have been kept in your heart only and awaited for the reaction from your Guru and then His instructions. Your Guru might have done that, what you wished to, and secondly, if someone asks my Shishya, he should give him blessings  instead of giving him a few coins, I have already bestowed on you a treasure house of spiritual wealth that you may not be able to finish even if you spend it day & night. Blessings will get him (beggar) much  more than what he thought of in his mind. But what were you going to give    him—!  a single coin  of 25 paise!  is that all what is expected of you?——This is what your mistake was.”

In the physical presence of the Guru, the Shishya is supposed to be action less and to watch His  actions and  enjoy.  It is a privilege and a boon to be in the physical association with the Guru in life. This being rare, the Shishya must encash such golden opportunities and enjoy  while dislodging himself from the faculty of his mind and brain. Must choose his eyes and ears only and abandon the usage of brain. The reason is clear that in the jurisdiction of brain, the intellect takes over the subject actively with its limited resource of knowledge. But there is a fact, a universal reality that when the intellect reaches its last end, then starts the first word command of the Guru, followed by His endless and limitless showers of divine knowledge.

Guruji  turned towards me silently and questioned again, “Rajjae, who could be the one who has made that person a beggar?”

“Its God only Guruji ” was my reply.

Guruji  said “ Do you think, His judgement is wrong?”

I said, “Never, Guruji.

Then Guruji said “But your action would appear to be improving His condition thus proving God and his judgement wrong and so an attempt, going straight against His decision.”

Remember, you are a meagre part of  the vast creation of the supreme Master of the Universe.  And your action, though looking normal in the worldly way can be judged as going against God.

I got stunned. Couldn’t have dreamt with a thought like that. But there was a little confusion again and I asked.  “Guruji,  what about being kind and pity to others, is it wrong?”

Guruji said, “No son! it’s right and essential as well as virtuous. But good for the worldly people only and not for the Shishyas. This does not apply to the path of GuruShishya relations. There is only one specified norm for the Shishya and that is , — to keep looking all the time at the glorious one and act rigidly to His disciplines and commands. Its Guru who decides as to where the mercy is  to be shown and where to stay calm and in peace.”

Aafreene Guruji, wah –you are the only one like you, none as supreme as you Sahibji. The way you have elaborated the comparison between  a devotee of God and a Shishya of Guru, stays unique and unparalleled.  I could have never known it otherwise in my whole life, O’master.

To have mercy and extend help to others is advised; but the norm for a Shishya is to surrender to the Guru and give blessings to the needy ones. The required help shall be delivered.

Prostrations again  and again  Hey Gurudev!


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  1. Shormishtha says:

    I have a confession. I was with Guruji at neelkanth Dham today. A very very old lady was also there. She was very thin and frail. After I had my tea prasad, I was just sitting and she came to me. She asked me for 20 Rs as bus fare. I had no change but had a 100 Rs note. I told her I shall get some change from the flower shops outside and give her. But she was hard of hearing and kept repeating her problems. I politely requested her to tell all this to Guruji as he only can remove her pain. But she really could not hear. I don’t kw why I did it but I gave her the 100 Rs and gave her a lift till half the way of her home. I had read this incident before and hence since evening I’m feeling very confused. Did I do the right thing or not? I’m no one and nothing, so have I made a mistake in giving her money in front of my dear guruji who is everything to me? And of I have, how can I say sorry. If someone is reading this, please help me. I am going through a very tough phase of my life but I’m slowly moving ahead only of guruji. Guruji, if what I did was a mistake, please forgive me. If anyone can guide me on this,, as I’m feeling very sad, I shall be very grateful.

  2. Aanchal says:

    आप एक जरिया थे
    उस औरत की मदद तो गुरूजी ने ही की
    इस बात के लिए गुरूजी ने ही आपको चुना

  3. dr ak sharma says:

    Guruji I stood whole night in your ques for over ten yrs was missed you plese bless us / never asked you any thing/ Pl guide us in nirakar many pranams xr ak 76

  4. Nowhere says:

    Ghat ghat mein samaya
    Kahin bhikshu kahin data
    Na jaane kya bhays mein aaya
    Kiska sikka kisne diya daan
    Kyun sankat mein paday pyaare
    Guru ka kiya sabh sach kar maan
    Kahin Bulleh Shah ko naach nacha-ay
    Kahin Dhru Prahlaad ki bachaay aan
    Kahin Rann mein Karam Dharam samjha-ay
    Aur Arjun se chalvaay baan
    Apni leela khud hi racha-ay
    Kiske maathay kya likha a-ay
    Guru ka kiya sabh sach kar maan