Bada Guruwaar – ‘Jyot’ lighting by Mataji at Sector 10 Sthaan

The morning of every Bada Guruwaar starts with the lighting of the ‘Jyot’ by Pujya Mataji. Thereafter the most important task of offering the Prasad of “Meethi Phulliyan” starts at the Sthaan. Once a month, on Bada Guruwaar, this Prasad is offered. Though monetarily the value is negligible (1 or 2 rupees) but the action of offering it personally is of utmost importance. The Prasad is then returned to the devotee for eating and taking home. As soon as the ‘Jyot’ is lit and the ‘Prasad’ is begun to offer, Guruji’s Shishyas start the Sewa as per His command just as it has been happening since the day Guruji first started it. He Himself is present in the “Moorti Roop’ and His presence is clearly felt. ‘Khichdi Prasad’ and ‘Tea’ offered to all devotees through the day.
This video is for all those devotees staying far and wide, who wish to attend Bada Guruwaar but cant come every month due to distance. Feel connected and blessed by seeing this every Bada guruwaar morning.

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  1. Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Saakshat Par Brahma Tasmaya Shree Guruve Namah.
    My mother recently told me that I have seen Guruji when I was a very young kid, though I don’t remember.
    I have been very lucky as sometimes I have had the chance of Matajis Darshan at Gurgaon Sthaan.
    I pray to my lord, Guruji that I may always be lucky like this every mili-second of my life.

  2. Ambika Soni says:

    Pranam Guruji, Pranam Mataji

  3. JAI GURUDEV JI . . , , JAI GURUMATA JI . . . .

  4. JAI GURUDEV. PRANAM GURUJI, PRANAM MATAJI…Thank you for sharing with us, I only want to be there and now will be allowed to be there…JAI GURUDEV


  6. Thank you so much for this Video..OM NAMOH SIV OM! OM NAMOH GURUDEV! JAI GURUDEV!

  7. We live outside India but thanks to this, could attend Bada Guruwaar on internet, Jai Gurudev.

  8. Pawan Gupta says:

    Om Namo v Om Om Namo Guudev

  9. Poonam Gupta says:

    jai gurudev jai mataji

  10. Smita Deep says:

    Jai Gurudevji…Jai Mata rani…

  11. Thank you soooo much bhaiaya for sharing this video… just falling short of words to express my feelings and gratitude… Jai Gurudev Ji

  12. Mahesh Ahuja says:

    Thank You Bhaiya. Too short of words to describe. Thanks a million.

  13. Shat Shat Pranam Gurudev. I had attended Baraveervar

  14. Thank U so much Bhaiya !!!

  15. Deepak Arora says:

    Jai Gurudev Jai Mata Ji, Om Namo Shiv Om , Om Namo Gurudev

  16. param punjiya guru dev maharaj ji, Guru mata ji ki jai…

  17. jai gurudev ji,jai mata ji…..

  18. Puja Kumar says:

    Thankyou so so much for the link.It is an amazing experience to view it.

  19. Anjali Gupta says:

    Thank you so much Bhaiya


  21. Aaditi says:

    Guruji aapko mere aur mere family k taraf se koti koti pranam aap aapna ashirwad mujhpe aur mere family pe hmesha banaye rakhiyega aur aap hmesha mahashivratri mai hame gurgon sthaan pe bulate rahiyega……Aaditi

  22. “Give up to His Grace. The ocean takes care of each wave till it gets to shore.”

    When we are called to be at His feet, we are finally Home and we will never be lost again, for He will never leave us till we reach our destination. Salvation can only be found at His feet.

    Jai Gurudev!