Maha ShivRatri – ‘Jyot’ lighting by Mataji at Sector 7 Sthaan

On the occassion of Maha Shivratri on 10th March 2013, Pujya Mataji lights the morning Jyot at Sector 7 (Pujya Guruji Niwaas Sthaan), before proceeding to the Sector 10 Sthaan for Sewa.

The most important event of Maha ShivRatri (begins with the lighting of Jyot at Pujya Guruji’s Niwaas Sthaan at Sector 7.  Thereafter the ‘Jyot’ is lit at Sector 10 Sthaan after which the ‘Sewa’ starts where in people offer flowers and ‘Bel-Patra’ at the Sthaan. Once a month, on Bada Guruwaar, the Prasad of ‘Meethi Phulliyan’ is offered at the Sthaan after the ‘Jyot’ is lit. As soon as the ‘Jyot’ is lit and the ‘Prasad’ is begun to offer, Guruji’s Shishyas start the Sewa as per His command just as it has been happening since the day Guruji first started it. He Himself is present in the “Moorti Roop’ and His presence is clearly felt. ‘Langar’ is served through the day on the occassion of Maha Shiv Ratri for all those who do not keep a fast where as ‘Khichdi Prasad’ and ‘Tea’ offered is to all devotees through the day on Bada Guruwaar.
This video is for all those devotees staying far and wide, who wish to attendthe ‘Jyot’ but cant come every month due to distance. Feel connected and blessed by seeing this every Bada guruwaar, Maha ShivRatri and Guru-Pooja morning.

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  1. Shivshakti swaroop mata ji or guru ji ko koti koti pranaam…..hey mata ji…guru ji hamesha hame apne charno mein rakhna….om nmo shiv om om nmo gurudev