67. GURUJI LEFT HIS BODY and Returned

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Guruji was at his Janam Sthan, Haryana (Distt. Hoshiarpur). He called some of his Shishyas, like Sitaram ji, Suresh of Sunhet, R. P. Sharma and I (Rajja, as He calls me).

After accomplishing Seva in the day time, Guruji took us in a small room where beddings were stored. Guruji continued showering on us, his divine blessings and spiritual discourses till midnight. Then he ordered for food which was served with “Makki ki roti and sarson ka saag” (Chapatties of maze flour with mustard leaves vegetable and ghee). He filled our plates with saag & roti with his own hands and poured ghee (melted butter) in the saag and very lovingly told us to eat while uttering his words, “Khaa putt”. Then He took His own plate and we all started eating.

Just before the end of meal, while putting a spoon full of saag in his mouth, Guruji uttered — ‘‘OM’’– and also two more words, then suddenly his hand with spoon fell down. We saw his eyes closed and He became motionless.

We all got scared and started staring at his face. We saw Him in still state and could not understand the position of His body. We were terrified and held his hand to check the pulse, then checked his breath and heart beat. Nothing was there. No pulse, no heart beat and no breath. Oh ! What happened ? This was never imagined.

We took the Ghee and started messaging his palms feet & legs as if we were struggling for his revival, but no result.

Then all of a sudden, Sitaram ji looked at Guruji’s watch and said, “Rajpaul, I have heard from Mataji, that Guruji goes out of his body some times. May be, He has gone some where and since the time now, is 2.20 am which is ‘Guru Pahar’ and lasts up to 3.30 am. Lets not be panicky and peacefully await his come back till 3.30 am”.

So we stopped massaging and sat silently. The night time and the pin drop silence in that solitary environment made us too difficult to pass every minute. We kept waiting till it was 3.30 am. Suddenly Guruji uttered a solid sound– “OM” and stood straight, and went out of the room without looking towards us. The time was 3.30 am. We got relaxed now and tried to sleep.

But the truth with evidence is, that going out of the body is not in human’s jurisdiction, its the sole discretion of God who takes out the soul and then inserts it in a new body, a freshly born one. But going out of the body of your own and then coming back again in the same body after one and a quarter hour is non-understandable. This is what Guruji did before four of us. What a control & command on soul, which is a part of God !

Sadhaks & Tapsvies also sit in samadhi but there are procedural system & norms to be adopted. Before a Sadhak decides to go into samadhi avastha he make arrangements, like: – choosing a particular place and sitting in a particular posture like “Padmasan” then some pranayam kriya is done. This whole exercise takes a few minuts and then the sadhak enters into the samadhi avastha. So far as I understand, the soul remains in his body and the “Self ” is stationed at a particular stage with in the body.

But– Guruji never adopted any norm or any procedure. He was eating makki ki roti and saag. So much so, He took the spoonful of saag in his mouth and was chewing it. He just stopped chewing and uttered “OM” along with two more words — and His hand dropped in His lap. This all happened before me & my precious Guru Bhais, Sitaramji, R. P. Sharma Ji and Suresh of Sunhet (HP)– and it took a few seconds only.


I never heard or saw or read, this style of Guruji.– Just decided and left the body in seconds and that too while eating food…! I have been an aspirant since my child hood and had met many holy men and sages thought out my life before having been adopted by Guruji, but never had such an experience at any time.

At 6 a.m. Guruji returned in the room with showers of scolds on us, “Bewqoofo, yeh kya kiya tumne, ghee lagaa lagaa kar mujhe bharr diya. Kya samjha thaa ki Guru mar gaya hai?”(What have you done, idiots. Did you think, I had died ? So much ghee applied on by arms & legs)” He further said, “You should have followed me by doing that act which I had already taught you” And then we all pleaded “Forgive us Guruji, such an experience was totally new and our wits went off , aap hum sab per kripa keejiye, Guru Dev.” We only said that please forgive us Guruji.

If this is so simple, to go out and come back in the body, as none has ever done, then Guruji must be God himself.

R. P. Sharma went in deep sleep after we all had decided to wait till 3.30. When Guruji came back in body at 3.30 and went out of the room, R. P. Sharma also woke up. He looked blissful and told us the vision he had during his sleep—

Sharma ji said, “There is a cave, very long and many Tapasvies (Sadhus) with long beards and long hair are sitting on both sides. Guruji is walking straight and the Tapasvies (Sadhus) on both sides are bowing with heads and arms down on the ground as, if they are greeting Guruji and doing Pranaams to Him. But Guruji is unconcerned and not looking towards them, while going ahead silently”. Sharma ji further said that he could not see the destination point and woke up.

I am in my deep thoughts now. Guruji is moving in a cave where Tapasvies are doing tap. As Guruji enters, they immediately notice his presence and stop their Sadhna and bow down to the feet of Guruji.

The Tapasvies in that cave have been there for hundreds of years and so obviously are the seers. Whom did they see and recognized and did pranaam ?

“Kya Guruji wohi to nahin jinke liye yeh tapasvies baithe huye tap kar rahe hein ?”

Only you can tell, My Master.

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