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Guruji looked at her and said, “Aaja, tera bukhar khatam karta hoon”.

Guruji was at RaIson(Kullu) -a ‘Sthaan’ at Munish and Manju Suri’s house. Matarani accompanied Him along with the children – Renu, Illa, Babba, Chutki, Neetu, Indra, Indu, Bittoo, Ruchi, Pomy, Ruby, Pappu and so on and so forth. Lots more like Surinder Taneja, Lalit Madan, Guptaji of parwanoo and myself too were there  with our respective families.

Guruji permitted a few children to go to the waterfall to enjoy. Charu Sekhri was among them and the children enjoyed a prolonged bath in the chilling waterfall. All returned well but Charu came back with high fever. Shortly Guruji returned to Delhi and days passed but Charu’s fever persisted. She continued to have low grade fever and since Guruji did not permit medicine, she  went on with it, waiting for Guruji to make her alright. (Somehow those days these things seemed very trivial).

One evening as we all sat in Guruji’s room in Gurgaon, the room was brimming with people as usual and some kind of light conversation was on. Taking  advantage of the atmosphere, Charu pleadingly insisted for relief from fever. Guruji looked at her and said, “Aaja, tera bukhar khatam karta hoon”. (Come here, I am going to remove your fever right now). He took a spoonful of something from a small plate lying behind on the head rest of his bed and gave her to eat it. Matarani was also sitting there and looking a bit surprised said, “Aap kya khila rahe ho isse ?” (What are you giving her to eat)

Guruji said, “Tumbe ki ajwain hai”. (Carom, a spice used for cooking added with a hill fruit, useful for stomach disorder)

Actually it was ghuggi instead of Tumbe ki ajwain.

As Charu ate it, she felt dizzy and rushed towards the basin. Babba, who happened to be there held her and then she vomited heavily. After that there was no fever or any other trouble.

After all, man is a thinking animal, can’t resist his thoughts. I may be one of the category and so express here, “How is it possible for any one to remove three week’s old sickness with just a doze of ghuggi. (Ghuggi is a mixture of dry tobacco & lime, used by spiritually enlightened Saints ).

Guruji, I pray to thy supreme self to be kind and bless me to understand thy divine acts.


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