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Glimpses Unbelievable is a song of glory of  Guruji.  Apne Guruji ki stuti ka gaayen hai yeh. Its not a book. The compilation of any volume is subjected for an extensive benefit to the devotees of new generation on the path of spiritualism . It establishes a feeling of ‘His’ presence in their lives. It develops a faith of being rescued from the clutches of karmas and so to enjoy a divine pleasure which otherwise can never be achieved. The basic source is the faith in the Lord that He is the doer, not I. It is actually too straining and difficult and generally cannot be attained unless the Guru chooses and embeds this understanding in the deep inner consciousness of a human. Bhagyavidhata is the master of the universe, known as Lord  Shiva.

Its ‘He’ who decides the day to day and minute to minute happenings in the lives of all humans at the time of birth, though they don’t know or remember it, because of their ignorance continuing since birth till death. This way, if a disease comes, its to the will of God or if a worldly problem arises, again it’s to the will of God.  So ! What to do ?– Suffer ?

— Yes, suffer.

Or otherwise, decide to go to Gurgaon and offer some ‘Meethi Phullian’ at Sthaan and pray, “Hey Devomaheshwara, please accept your prasad and free me from this bondage, the trouble, the pain or whatever problem’. Be sure, Guruji makes the Lord agree to pardon the devotee. Actually ‘He’ takes over and will cure you, relieve you. Believe it and move on with your voyage.

More than strange thing is this, that almost appearing to be a family man who works in a  Government office to earn for the family, like general humans, Guruji was not at all a worldly person . Totally different and unimaginable from every angle of life. He would always be seen removing pains and agonies of people right from morning till evening, rather till night. He was always surrounded by the aggrieved people.  Who so ever came to him, had a strong feeling as if it was his right to be rescued and so would go back completely satisfied. Guruji also would say that there was no need of any medicine, as ‘He’ will set every thing in tune. And this continued and continued though the snuffers were endless.

For over twenty years, this went on unchanged. People crowded His presence with an  approach and a feeling of rightfulness and Guruji too would act as if ‘He’ actually waited for them to do their jobs. Such a scene has never been witnessed any where in this world.

 Thou art the greatest O’ Gurudev.

An untouched and unparalleled bliss engulfs me when I memorise that time of the past. We all are too much fortunate to live in this era where Guruji took Avtar.

May be, many of the people today are not that fortunate to have seen Guruji in his physical form, but the writer is certainly the one and is trying to present those precious moments and the occasions and wish you to join him enter the ocean of bliss.

To have a fabulous experience of divine bliss, which is almost unavailable in your life perhaps…

 Dive deep in the above ocean and swim under current.

Rajje – Guruji’s Shishya

(Rajpaul Sekhri)

1st Jan. 2012

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