69. GURUJI’S HEAD & FACE Was Double The Size

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It was an auspicious day, “Shivratri”. All Shishyas were there at Gurgaon Sthan. As usual, the people from around the world had gathered in uncountable nos. The Sthan room was fully packed with people. Th e foot path on the main road was full of people standing in que. Th ere was no noise and disturbance in the people.

Guruji commanded me and my other Guru Bhais to do “Parikrama” of the people standing out and waiting for their turn to have Guruji’s Darshan. (Parikrama means, to start walking from one end of the queue till its last end, while keep looking at the people and return.)

I went from the Sthan and continued walking and walking for about two kilometers, when I saw the end of the queue. The queue was not single, it consisted 5 rows of people. Thousands were waiting for their turn but all were cheerful. They all stood and moved slowly towards Sthan, with the thought of having Guruji’s Darshan. And that is what their Goal is. I salute to these Guru Bhaktas for their love and bhakti for the supreme Lord, “Guruji”.

Outside in the park and on the road opposite to Sthan also, hundreds of devotees were waiting. I went inside Sthan to report to Guruji all what I saw in the queue. But Guruji was not there at Sthan room.

I went to the small room opposite to Sthan, and was stunned to see Guruji. He was in the middle of many people and what I saw, was unbelievable. His head & face was double the size of all others. I, jerked my head, closed and again opened my eyes to check myself, whether, what I saw, was an illusion or a fact.

But that was a reality.

After about a minute Guruji turned again in his original form.

This what I have narrated above is an exclusive experience in my spiritual life.

Before I came to Guruji in late 70’s and He adopted me as his Shishya, I had met many saints and was in close associations with them. Of course..! I have seen many miracles through other holy men. Therefore there is a remote chance for illusions to carry me away. What ever I learnt from other saints in the past, was a theory, and Guruji has been a doer in total practical form. People come and ask for removal of pains, a fever or any other physical or non physical problem and Guruji does it instantly. This is my wealth.

After having been blessed to be His Shishya, I do not know what more do I need to achieve.

Aap dhanya ho Guruji,

sirf dene wale hain, trilokinath ki tarrah.

Pranaam Sahib ji …

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