Knowledge – Collection of words… or beyond

हिंदी अनुवाद के लिए यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये

We are able to see the moon’s image in the water only if the water is calm and stabilized. The moon’s reflection cannot be seen in unstable water.

The same problem is, of the mind. The mind does not stay calm, does not remain static and where inherent peace is missing, nothing can remain.

Like waves in the sea, a flurry of thoughts perpetually keeps the mind unstable. The mind must remain calm to be able to hear or understand anything. But that does not happen, the mind refuses to be calm. It constantly thinks. There is a constant invasion of thoughts on the mind every second. It is this attack, which does not allow a person to go beyond words where the realization about the truth of life is waiting for him (/her).

The mind which is constantly under the influence of words alone, remains in a constant search. Sometimes in the scriptures; sometimes on hill stations; sometimes at the shores of the sea; sometimes in temples; sometimes in forests and sometimes at pilgrimage places. Despite the constant quest to discover, it never gets its answers. Because in the first place; the mind itself is not stable. Such a person can go anywhere and do anything but, nothing ever changes.

The person who pays attention only on words remains deprived of their inherent meaning. To understand the truth behind the words, to understand the feelings in them it is essential that the mind remains calm and at peace. Emptiness of the mind is essential. There should be enough place in the mind for it to travel and reach beyond the words.

However, the mind is never empty of its clutter, nor it remains blank. It believes that collection of words is the only way to acquire knowledge and thinking that knowledge is just a collection of words, it keeps accumulating them.

The mind does not understand that true knowledge is beyond words. True knowledge is a feeling; a sensation, which is impossible to define in words.

What is the value of words on their own? Nothing.

Let us understand. When someone takes the name of God, then will God be limited to that just one word? No. Here the word is not the truth. The truth is the realization that God is present in that word. If only words would have been the truth, then a person’s hunger would be satisfied just by saying the word “food”. His stomach would be filled.

This is the reason that the importance is not of the words, the importance is of the sensation which relates to those words. Even if the words would not have been there, God would have been present. Even if the words would not have been there, the feeling of pleasure and pain would have been the same, as we try to explain in words. Even if the words would not have been there, the feeling of water quenching our thirst would be there. Feeling of the heat of the sun and the coolness of the moon would be there. Even if the words would not have been there, the feeling of love and being loved would have been there.

Think about it… If these feelings are only missing, what is the importance of mere words? Being satisfied with one’s huge collection of words is not the end of wisdom, it might as well be the beginning of ignorance.

Knowledgeable is not the person who has more words. Knowledgeable is the person who has the feelings, the sensations carried by those words. The experience of those words… And to achieve that, the mind has to be calm and clear of the clutter.

It is not necessary for two people to have the same feeling of any word. Nor is it appropriate to compare yourself to anyone. Every person is different and is moving on a different journey. His experiences also may be different. That is why every person’s attitude and viewpoint also varies. This variation is the unique characteristic of the personality of every individual. Every Person should just be ready to accept his mistakes and learn from them. It is a very important mantra to move forward on the path of one’s life.

It should not be forgotten here, that the meaning conveyed by the words is important and so hurtful words towards anyone should always be avoided.

A person should constantly try to put behind memories of the past as well as apprehensions of the future. He should also try to balance the thoughts of the present. To experience the feelings contained in words. This is the effort that can bring that emptiness, to keep one’s mind calm. This calmness of the mind will also give it stability for it to move on successfully in the journey of life.

Guruji has further simplified it. He says, “Just leave it to me”. Rid your mind of worries and let ‘Him’ take over. If one can keep the faith that whatever is happening in his life is nothing but the best then one can achieve that inner peace which is the most integral part of our human journey. Not only to move forward spiritually but also to live a more fulfilled mortal life.

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  1. I totally agreed that Leave everything on Guruji, but sometimes you are in a situation as I am that I am struggling to complete my education, I didn’t have any job at the age of 30 and sometimes your questions kept unanswered, I am ok with that also but pressure of people by whom you are surrounded make you impatient and anxious that what will happened to me.

    • Guru Bakt says:

      Hi Mohit, I was in a similar situation some time back. I was very worried too. I was jobless and I had no savings to even pay my house rent. I brought this problem to Guruji’s notice. In the next two days I got a project and an advance for the same.
      He always takes care of His children. We realize it only after we pass the problem.
      I worried because may be I had lost faith. But if I had faith, then I might not have worried. And my mind would have been calm.
      I pray to Guruji that He gives you and me enough faith that we don’t have to worry anymore.

  2. Thank you! I really really needed to hear this today. Thank you once again for this reminder!! Jai Gurudev!! 🙂

  3. Amit Nayak says:

    बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद गुरूजी सत्य की राह दिखाने को आपके वचनो से इस पापी और अस्थिर मन को बहुत सुकून मिला इतनी कृपा करना की ये वचन हमारे मन में सदा बनें रहे ये वरदान देना।

    सदा अपने बच्चों पे अपनी दयादृशटि रखना आपकी कृपा के बिना हम कल भी शून्य थे और आज भी….

    ॐ नमोः शिव ॐ।
    ॐ नमोः गुरूदेव ॥

  4. Mintu Kumar says:

    Aapki sada hi jai aapke is Bache se koi galti ho to chama kar de apni sharan me lele aapke darbar aaya hu bolo Sache darbar ki jai om namo sheo om on namo gurudeo