The Presence of your Guru

Imagine that you are out in the Sun on a very hot summer afternoon without any shelter. Or out in the rain on a cold and chilly winter night, again without any shelter. What do you look for? What is the most important thing for you for that moment?  It is shelter. Everything else follows later.

Is everybody out on a hot summer afternoon or a cold winter night? No. Does that reduce the need for a shelter? Does that mitigate its importance to any extent? Some people are already sheltered. Still it is good to be thankful for it.

Situations and circumstances will always be there for every one of us; Always. They might be good and comfortable for some, easy for some, tough and trying for some. The common thing is thus, not good or bad times but the fact that we always face some situation or the other in life; and it keeps changing with time.

If we compare the problems we face in life to being out in the hot sun or cold rain, then the Guru is the doorway to the shelter. As we enter His abode, we are inside His protection; Inside His shelter. Nothing changes outside. The hot sun keeps shining in the summer. The cold wave keeps coming in the winter. Occasionally we may go out, but we gain the confidence of the shelter we have. The knowledge, that we will come back to the protection. Once inside, we can still see what is happening outside because as mentioned, nothing outside has changed. What changes, is our experience; our ability to deal with the elements from inside the shelter.

Once you reach the door and enter His shelter, start seeing the world with His eyes. Every problem automatically becomes small when you see through His larger than life eyes. If you cannot do that , then even though you may be standing inside, you may experience the harsh realities of the outside, because you are still seeing them through your eyes. Every experience becomes pleasing, once we start seeing through His eyes. Every experience starts becoming pleasurable or at least bearable.

Outside elements stop distracting you because now you have security. The Guru provides that security; always. Every relationship in this world can have problems, it can break. But the Guru is not a relationship that can break. The Guru is a presence that has to be felt. Always let it remain that way.

Communication with your Guru is very important as that will help not only in relinquishing of problems but also in the progress towards spiritual enlightenment. What to talk and how to talk is also important.

There is no need for formal and superficial conversation with the Guru. “How are you?” “What are you doing?” Things like these should be avoided, because they are not needed. The Guru does not need any normal gibberish from us.

Talk to Him about things that are important to you. No need to feel shy, shame or egoistic to discuss your problems with your Guru. It defeats the purpose of being there in the first place.

Also, do not become His judge. “He should have said this”, “He shouldn’t have said this”, “Somebody is closer to Him than myself”… these thoughts and feelings are too ordinary to be in tune with the Guru. When you open up to Him, you will know that He is with you in the same way that He is with all the others.  Just feel His presence. His presence… that is eternal. That has been with you before, is with you now and will be with you in the future.

To gain anything from your Guru, you first have to empty your cup of what is already in it. One way to empty it is to speak up to the Guru and submit everything to Him. If we keep holding on to our problems, we can’t expect solutions. Empty your cup and be prepared to take from Him what He wants to give.

Remember, He will always accept you, if you are ready. You have to be ready and then leave everything to Him.

He is there… to take care.  Jai Gurudev.

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  1. Arun Singhal says:


  2. Jai gurudev…
    Aaj ye blog padh kar mujhe maano wo chij mill gayi jiska mujhe kab se intezaar tha…
    Main humesha se ishi khyal main jeeta raha ki Guruji ki kripa drishti mujh par kab padegi…lekin iss sach se anbhigye raha ki gurudev to sada mere sath hai…
    Aaj ye blog padh kar maano meri aakhein khul gayi… Aapka tahe dil se shukriya….

    “Ab soop diya is jeewan ka sab bhar tumhare haato main
    Gurudev tumhare haato main”.


  4. Divya Oberoi says:

    Beautifuly written, wat else one can ask for .. In life

  5. Jai guru dev ji….may guru ji bless us wid his kind shelter nd security thrgh out enternity…..v r nthng wid out u guru ji….love u bahut sara….

  6. Om Namah Gurudev ji Namah

  7. Bobby Chopra says:

    om namoh siv om jai shree maha gurudevji!

  8. Shital Bajaj says:

    Thank u so much fr sharing this with us !!! JAI GURU DEV

  9. Jai Maharaj ji. Mere Sadar Pranaam Sweekar Kariye aur apne charno me sthan di ji ye. Pranaam Mere Malik

  10. jai gurudev guruji abhi bahut kuch sikhna hai aapse din raat sikhao aap hume hum sikhna chahte hain guru ji

  11. Sahil WadHwa says:


  12. Gaurav Goel says:

    Om Namahae Shiva Om NAMAHAE Gurudev

  13. Thank you, Guruji… for being the security, for providing protection and bestowing strength on us, your children, to face the varied circumstances of life. Thank you.
    In eternal gratitude and adoration!
    Jai Gurudev!

  14. sudhir says:

    Respected Gurudeva,

    This message , on Facebook few weeks ago,of the Lord,is what I hold tight to….morning to night.

    This came at a very trying time, suddenly from out of His extreme Grace.

    This clear Assurance is what keeps me walking ,from day to day…when everything looks hopeless, dark and very forlorn.

    My beloved GurujiMaharaj is ,as always to ALL His Children very merciful, very kind and very generous.

    I have nothing else in this world, except his Presence, extreme Grace and Mercy.

    The ‘’world’’ is harsh , uncompromising ,selfish.

    Guruji of Gurgaon
    March 11 at 10:10pm •

    He hears you and He sees you.
    You are not alone in your struggles.
    Remain firm and stable, for He has your deliverance planned.

  15. Rakesh jain says:


    om namo shiv om
    Om namo Guru dev
    Apki kripa sadev mere pariwar pr bani rahe
    Jai Guru ji