Two most important days in a man’s life…

Two most important days in a man’s (/woman’s) life… The day he is born and the day he finds out, why?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The journey can’t start without that first step, so it is of utmost importance. The day one realizes the direction he needs to move in, to achieve his destination, is of equal importance as without that realization, even a thousand mile journey may result in zero or negative results.

Being born starts our journey once again and self realization puts us on course to achieve our goal. That is why they are the two most important days in our lives.

Why are we born? Ever thought about our life cycle? We are born; then educated. We work day in and day out. Then retire and one day… die. In a day’s schedule, we get up; go to work; eat, drink and then sleep. Is this what life is all about? Is this why are we born? Or are there reasons beyond our comprehension?

We are all souls (Atma) on a journey. We need to fulfill our tasks and then merge back into our source (Parmatma). Parmatma – Param Atma or the ultimate soul. Everything we do in our lives should be directed to achieve that goal. Fulfilling our social responsibilities during the journey is just a part of the journey, not the destination. Another question that may arise is, why does the soul need to get detached and start its journey in the first place?

The great ocean is the single largest body present on the earth. It is greater and bigger than any piece of land, mountain or living thing. The water from the ocean constantly evaporates from it and thus leaves it. Where does this water go? Why does it evaporate? What is its journey?

The water evaporates and rises as vapour, it then condenses to form clouds. Then, returns to the ground. Some in form of rain and some as snowfall gets stored on the mountains and glaciers. The snow from the mountains melts to form rivers, which passes through wet and dry lands. The rain also helps in harvesting crops and meets the river. The river on its way quenches the thirst of people by providing drinking water; Helps us, in almost all day to day activities; Provides electricity by running thermal projects. In the end, washes away our dirt and goes back to merge with the ocean.

Once separated, the water gains its identity. Every glacier can be identified, every river has its name and course. The journey that started by moving away from the ocean and gaining identity, ends by merging back into it by losing its identity. However large and powerful a river may have grown, it cannot end its journey without losing its identity altogether. Once back into the ocean, the water of the river cannot be recognized as a separate entity.

Our journey is similar. If we are born, we are here for a reason. To fulfill that reason is our duty. Just like the river does not refuse water to a thirsty person, we need to fulfill our duties diligently. Many of us just stop there. Excelling in our social skills and forgetting about the journey.

Here is where the role of a Guru, is of utmost importance. The water when separated from the ocean must flow in the course of a river. If it ends its journey in a drain, it just rots. Guru provides the direction needed; the course for the river to flow. To ensure, that the journey is fulfilled without even us realizing.

It is not that this was some kind of secret knowledge. Most of us do know about it as already told by our elders. But is the knowledge enough?

Remember the episode in Mahabharatha when Guru Dronacharya told His shishyas to learn a simple lesson “Always speak the truth… Never lie”. On asking, every one of His shishyas confirmed that they have learnt the lesson and recited it. Everyone except ‘Yudhishthara’ who expressed his inability to have learnt the lesson even after a week had passed. When Guru Dronacharya got angry after a week and scolded ‘Yudhishthara’, he simply said that he was still not sure that everything he says is nothing but the truth so how can he claim to have learnt the lesson? This is the real essence of knowledge. Only HE had learnt the lesson.

If we know but do not follow, the knowledge is nothing but useless.

Re-birth within this birth is the day one reaches the lotus feet of his Guru. Once he reaches there, the path to self realization also starts that day… Both the important days clubbed into one, makes it the most important event and the turning point in our lives. Every minute spent at the Guru’s abode should be spent with patience and with realization of this all important happening. Time spent with the Guru, is not time spent at all… it is time earned. It should be nothing short of a celebration.

Ever gave a thought that our Guruji does not accept any money or gift in any form from any devotee, then why does He bless people with the fulfillment of their worldly demands? Why He rids them of pain? Why He blesses them with prosperity? The truth is that these tasks are mere reasons for reaching the Guru. Once we reach Him, He eases some burden, only to facilitate us in our path. The path which shows us, the way to live. The path of Sewa and Bhakti, which is achieved by staying in the material world and yet be different from it. The path to salvation.

Sat-Guru makes the way for His devotees to walk on and achieve the impossible. Yet many of us just see Him as a solution to our worldly problems. We must open our eyes and look beyond. Not much effort is needed. Bhakti and Sewa with honesty (already talked about previously) can take us to our goals. Spending time at His abode is a solution to most of our problems. Patience is virtue to be learnt to follow this path.

The most important task is to reach the sharan of your Guru for His blessings. Everyone reading this has already been granted that. How much we make use of this opportunity depends solely on us.

Flow… Be Blessed… Jai Gurudev

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  1. Very thought-provoking article…may all of us obtain the grace and right knowledge from HIM…for leading us through the right path to merge into HIM. As famously and often said..Koi Virla Hi Puchda Hai Tera Tere Guru Naal Pyaar Kitna Hai..let THAT be unmeasurable and one will experience miracles each moment each day. JAI GURUDEV !

  2. Reminds me of the time i kept struggling with the question, what is the purpose of my life.

    I dont know yet, but what i could figure our with the blessings of my Guruji (Arjun Bajaj), is that be in the present, and serve others in what ever manner you can.

    e.g. have you tried to buy a packet of biscuits and feed a road side dog who appears to be scapping for food….

    The gestures, however small, that bring a bit of smile in other beings (not just humans) , bring joy to your heart – thats your reward, thats bliss – even if it is for a fleeting moment, i suppose.

  3. Raju Kakkar says:

    jai gurudev hum bhagyashali hy q ki hum per guru kripa hy

  4. I understand that it was the most lucky moment in my life when I reached Pathankot Sthaan of Guruji, however I do not understand as to what stood in between me & Guruji for about 35 years of my age that I could not see Guruji direct because Guruji had changed His form of existence from human to universal.


  6. Jai Gurudev…
    What i’m feeling right now is unable for me to express in words but for sure i’m one of the all who receives the blessing of “Our Prampujiye GURUDEV”.

    “Om Namho Shiv Om Om Namho Gurudev”


  8. Shivagi says:

    Bahot abhar rehaga Jivan

  9. अखिल जगत से जिनका नाता,कृपा है जिनकी अनन्त अभिराम|ऐसे प्रिय गुरूवर के चरणोँ मेँ, हम सबका सप्रेम pranam