The hidden messages

For those who have seen Guruji in physical form, nothing needs to be said. His one look was enough to create a life time of devotion. Those who have not seen Him, are still fortunate to be surrounded by people who have; His Shishyas as well as many other devotees. They can see Him through the eyes of these people. For the generations to come, these experiences compiled in the form of “Glimpses Unbelievable” will act as their eyes. They will be able to see Guruji through these episodes. Experiences are still happening and they are being compiled in the “Experiences” section but the initial volumes of ‘Glimpses’ share the time spent with Guruji, the events that happened then and most importantly, the messages and teachings conveyed to every one through them by Guruji directly.

The important part for all readers is to read carefully and slowly to absorb each episode and learn what it has to teach. There are many episodes that give hidden messages and teachings which need to be read carefully to be able to completely understand what happened and is still happening at the Guru-Sthaan. It is impossible to comprehend Guruji, but at the same time, it is important to understand the meaning of His teachings which were imparted in total simplicity.

An example will help garner our understanding here. Let us take one episode from ‘Glimpses’ and read it again; Episode no. 121 (Volume 3). Many of you must have read it before but it is important to read it again before proceeding. You can click here to read it, (then close the new window in which it opened, to continue reading)


A mesmerizing experience indeed. Something that normally does not happen; happened. As one reads the experience, he gets lost in the glory of Guruji, that how He concluded a next to impossible task so easily and so simply. Just by uttering that one line, “Permission government ne nahin, Maine deni hai”. He made it sound so casual but always in complete control of everything. This is the first thing to learn and follow in life after reading the episode and living the bliss. Even a casual statement by Him, holds utmost importance and can change the course of one’s life. It is important to follow what He says in totality.

Another thing to learn is His way of teaching. Unlike some other Guru’s who may choose a solitary place to give a discourse to their disciples, Guruji never believed in these superfluous formalities. He provided His teachings anywhere and at any time as needed by His children. He chose to educate His Shishyas even on a crowded street full of disturbances and yet commanded full attention. In practice we need to learn that the world that we live in, is full of distractions which can hamper a person’s spiritual goals. He has taught us to live in the same society, fulfil all our responsibilities towards our family and the society and yet be unaffected by them. To be amongst everything yet provide priority and attention to Him.

The most important thing that needs to be learnt from this episode with Guruji is… to completely make Him the doer, irrespective of doubts that may be created, even due to obvious reasons.

Well, some more details are probably needed here. Remember the part where Guruji’s Shishya says, “Aap ne poochha nahin ki mein kahaan jaa raha hoon?” to which Guruji replies, “Mein jaanta hoon, tu Haryana se factory Delhi shift karne ki permission ke liye ja raha hai”. This statement not only certifies Guruji’s authority over complete knowledge, it also instils faith in the Shishya that his work will now be done (since it is already in the knowledge of Guruji).

Now with faith, the Shishya asks his next question which is probably, more of a confirmation to what he has already believed, “Guruji, kaam ho jayega?” Guruji’s answer may have been stunning for anybody else, “nahin beta”. The important thing to note here is that Guruji still told him to go to Chandigarh and told him that his work would be done after two more visits. So, what do we learn from this?

In this case, the Shishya, confirmed from Guruji about his work and got the knowledge that his work will be done in the third attempt. What if he would never have enquired about it at all? He would then have gone to Chandigarh WITH Guruji’s Blessings to get his work done but WITHOUT the knowledge that his work will actually not be done. Such sort of a circumstance can be faced by many of us and could be the cause of doubts creeping up in one’s mind when it happens with them. Many times people are blessed with their work and it does get delayed. Important to note is that Guruji is aware, but He chooses not to disclose. In the episode mentioned above, He chose to disclose that knowledge but there are many instances where He did not.

Such an important teaching this episode gives us that when Guruji blesses for anything, that will happen. It may take time, it may not happen in the time as per the person’s expectations, but it will eventually happen. It is important to keep the faith during that time. Also, every act should eventually lead to your spiritual growth. In this case the work of the Shishya was done, but only to provide him with more time for going to Gurgaon to spend his time with Guruji and thus move forward in his spiritual journey.

It is futile to place any doubts over Guruji’s statement. He is totally aware of what He says and He has already decided the time frame of that work’s completion in the first instance itself. The key is to keep the faith and wait for it to be completed. The example from ‘Glimpses’ was taken for this understanding; but there are many people who have already experienced this in their life. Such sort of circumstances may be faced by many people in future too but with a different face. May be, Guruji blesses for their work but after a particular number of visits to Gurgaon. Maybe He has some totally other calculation, which is as said before, impossible to comprehend. In such situations of life, it is important to follow the teaching of this episode like, the Shishya who with complete surrender followed His command.

One more important thing to note. There are people who come to Him, just because they love Him. They don’t even need to understand anything because that one quality is enough. To understand His teachings (even through the ‘Glimpses’ series), the faculty of the mind is not needed. It just needs to be read with love and devotion and the teachings will automatically be delivered.

The preamble of volume 2 truly teaches the thought with which to read these episodes…

Guruji – The God in Human Form – so daring, so attractive, so kind, so loving, so caring, so forgiving, so tolerant, so contended, never hungry, never thirsty, never different, always fearless, bearing a large variety of smiles on His face, talking with eyes, a complete designer of personalities, He is Guruji – always mine and yours.

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  1. gitanjali says:

    the whole reading was wonderful…..but the last paragraph was mesmerizing……
    he gurudev aap ke roop anek hai…..
    tera aant na jaana koi…(gurbani wordings)

  2. Minkesh says:

    Jai Gurudev! Today when I started work I was feeling a bit low. I just came to Guruji’s site and stumbled upon this beautiful article.
    It boost my morale again and gave me positive energy. Thank you Gurudev. Bas apni kripa hum baacho par banaye rakhna.

  3. Uday Kumar says:

    Teri ik nigaah ki baat hai, meri Zindagi ka sawaal hai…

  4. FAITH makes all things easy and PATIENCE makes all things possible JAI GURUDEV JI ….

  5. Poonam Gupta says:

    jai gurudev ji jai guru mata ji

  6. Bindu Sekhri says:

    “Guruji – The God in Human Form – so daring, so attractive, so kind, so loving, so caring, so forgiving, so tolerant, so contended, never hungry, never thirsty, never different, always fearless, bearing a large variety of smiles on His face, talking with eyes, a complete designer of personalities, He is Guruji – always mine and yours” .. My pranams to the almighty!

  7. Gurudev is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He alone is the ULTIMATE. Let us all enjoy the kindness and grace showered by Him. Seemingly distinctive though, chosen ones we already are as per His will. Jai Jai Gurudeji.

  8. Ram Gangwani says:


  9. Om Namah Shivay Om Om Namah Gurudev!
    Jai Gurumataji!

  10. Lopamudra says:

    Today at work, someone tried to put the fear of being laid off from my job in me… I just closed my eyes and thought of GURUJI. Bas, I am okay and know with full faith that HE will look after me and that whatever happens will happen with HIS knowledge and any incident in life will only pave the way for better things as decided by HIM.
    I adore, love and totally am in surrender to HIS Grace and Presence!
    Jai Gurudev!

  11. ujjwal says:

    Jai Gurudev,

    Its been a nice experience going through this article, Really Guruji’s association even through this article is really Thought provoking and a sense of love and devotion automatically jumps in. I just wish Guruji keeps us always in his association so that we can be Pure,Blissful and on top of the world and his loving Sons and Daughters.

    Jai Gurudev.