Walking on this journey of life

हिंदी अनुवाद के लिए यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये

Every person needs to walk alone in this journey of life. Though, in order to fulfill the account of past deeds, many relationships are associated with the person in every birth, but after each life, they also end and the person moves forward in his (/her) journey; Alone.

Walking alone does not mean that one should break his relationships in the current life or ignore them. In fact, one needs to fulfill every relationship of his life with complete honesty. Also complete every responsibility. That is precisely why those relationships are present in each life. But in return, do not expect that they will also fulfill their duties. It is necessary to give up this expectation. Because the way we are moving on our own journey, all the people associated with us are also on their own journey; Alone; everyone is free to make their own choices in life. We cannot decide what others do in their lives. But we can surely decide what we do in our life.

As soon as we make ourselves aware of this fact, not only the further journey will be easier and but we will also be willing and happy to start this journey on our own.

It is true that doing good deeds attains virtue. We can receive blessings by serving others and that should be the goal of life. Yet, attaining virtue alone does not lead to liberation. Just like after doing sins, one has to come again to experience suffering, similarly one has to come to enjoy the pleasures after earning enough virtue. Both are binding.

Then what is the path of liberation? It is illuminated, when we can become free, even from the consequences of our good actions. This is not possible without the abode of a Sadguru.

To move forward on ones’ spiritual path, one needs to start with ‘Sewa’, but without any goal; without any interest or desire to control. Just look at it and experience it. If any mistakes are made on the way, do not hesitate to apologize. This is only possible under the guidance of the Guru.

If one can begin life in this way, then it can be experienced that how this supreme existence transforms us by taking us in its own control and gives us a new birth. The journey of this life will also be enjoyed and the fear of moving beyond this life will also fade away.

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