Understanding Anger

हिंदी अनुवाद के लिए यहाँ क्लिक कीजिये

Just as a sense of peace is essential in life, anger is also an essential part of life. But, read on before reaching a conclusion based on this one line statement. Like Dharm, Arth, Kama and Moksha, the four elements can complete a person’s life; similarly anger is an essential element of a society; for a warrior. What is important to be understood is that the reason, the utility and the result of such anger cannot be ignored. Guruji has also displayed anger at several occasions, but each time only for the good of someone, or to illuminate someone’s path. The result of His anger was always downright useful and educative. It was also the reason of some of His innumerable boons.


A father also shows anger many a times in the life of his child, but mostly it is for the well-being of his child, to withhold him (/her) from doing something harmful or to teach him something important. A person sometimes tries to justify his anger by comparing it to that of virtuous people; People who spend their lives in austerity, yoga and to attain spiritual powers. Anger is transient and temporary in the lives of spiritual people and mostly just to fulfill a purpose. It cannot be compared with a person whose life itself is driven by anger.


If anger is there for a reason and justifiable purpose, then it is a virtue. Like a soldier who fights on the border to protect his country in a state of war. If the anger is unreasonable and purposeless it can lead to degression in life. An unreasonable person learns from the vices of greater people and ignores their virtues. He virtually learns nothing from them.


Water always flows downwards. That is the natural property of water. A spiritual person though keeps his conscience clear as water but also prevents it from downfall. It is here that is important for him to be free from anger because anger is the barrier to his regeneration. The freedom from anger makes it a jewel in a person’s life and not his life itself.


Unnecessary anger does not gain anything and if one can realize this fact, he should make an effort to sit and spend a few moments of repentance. Not to change anything but because repentance leads to the realization of the futility of anger. It also helps in the prevention of similar outbursts in future and that is what needs to be achieved.


One of the important reasons of anger is frustration; when a person wants to see himself happy in comparison to others. He tends to forgets that happiness can never be compared. Happiness is always felt internally, but the person tries to find it outside. He wants everything to be like the way he wants it to be. But that is never possible, therefore, he never comes out of his anger as he feels, he is a victim of bias; That he is of no importance. For these reasons the person’s anger becomes a part of his existence; and he lets the people around him bear the brunt of his frustration-induced anger. But in doing so, he still does not feel any happiness as that was never the cause. Desire for happiness is not wrong. But instead of anger, a person should work towards the means of achieving it.


Anger and ego can earn a person everything, except happiness.

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